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Parenting with Purpose (PWP) is a 香港6合开奖结果+开奖记录2023资料-based organization that supports imprisoned parents by providing classes focused on education and support. The goal of the group is to meet the unique needs of inmates that want to learn how to become better parents and restore their family relationships. Yearly, 300 parenting classes are taught at MN Correctional Facilities throughout the state. PWP also provides support through mentoring programs, transitional services, school visits, and support groups.

Consider these statistics:

  • 15,000 children in MN have a parent serving time behind bars.
  • Children with incarcerated parents are among the highest at-risk populations in MN
  • 60-80% of children with an incarcerated parent are likely to wind up in the criminal justice system

Incarceration no doubt impacts an entire family unit, especially when children are involved. When a family is economically, socially, and emotionally stressed, it becomes vulnerable. Children of inmates become lonely, anxious, and angry at the trauma caused by this change.  Since the mid-1990s PWP has worked to make a difference in the life of parents and children impacted by incarceration. The organization shares the following statistics:

  • 97% of kids in our mentoring program remain crime-free and 90% of youth show marked academic improvement
  • 100% of parents released acquire a job, schooling or safe housing
  • 86% of released parents remain crime-free

To learn more about Parenting With Purpose and its unique services, please visit their website. Data included in this article was found on the PWP website. If you or a loved one needs help posting bail, don’t hesitate to contact 香港6合开奖官网. Our bail bondsman are available 24 hours a day and can bail you out of jail any time, day or night.

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