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Various terms and phrases relating to bail 香港一肖一码精选can understandably be confusing for someone unfamiliar with the administration of bail. We hope that the explanations below can provide a resource that alleviates stress or worry about the bail bond process.
  • SURETY: The insurance company that supports/guarantees with the State/Court for every bond posted by a Bail Bond Company/Agent. The Surety empowers the Bail Bond Company to act in its authority as its Agent.
  • BAIL AGENT/COMPANY: The entity conducting business and establishing/posting bail on behalf of a Surety for an accused person. In 香港6合开奖结果+开奖记录2023资料, the minimum cost for a bail bond is 10%. In some instances, a minimum fee may be charged, and travel/administrative costs could apply.
  • BAIL ENFORCEMENT (Bounty Hunter): Person tasked with the responsibility to remedy a claim against the Surety.
  • BAIL BOND: An instrument securing the release of an accused person (Defendant) into the custody of their “Surety” (Bail Bond Company). When a bail bond is posted, the Defendant is released from a physical custody status or restrictions imposed by the court, into a non-physical custody status controlled by the bail bond company. The Defendant must agree to be released into the custody of their “Surety” (Bail Bond Company), and accept any terms or conditions that the bail bond company may impose through the bail bond agreement.
  • BOND/POWER: The physical instrument used with the Court to secure a Defendant’s release and guarantee appearance. This does not guarantee performance.
  • FORFEITURE: The bond has been jeopardized, and a demand is being made for payment by the court, as a result of the Defendant’s failure to appear in court. In 香港6合开奖结果+开奖记录2023资料, a bail bond can only be forfeited as a result of the Defendant failing to appear at a scheduled court hearing.
  • DEFENDANT/CLIENT: An individual charged with a crime that has opted to engage into a contract/service with the Bail Entity.
  • INDEMNITOR/COSIGNER: An individual that has agreed to accept the liability of the Bail Transaction on behalf of a Defendant/Client.
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