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What is private sector release pretrial (bail)?

The commercial bail bond has been an established method of release since the United States was founded. Commercial bail, though a controversial and often over-glorified industry, was originally established to provide affordable release of a defendant while providing financial relief to the public for housing while securing the return of a defendant for trial, at little to no cost of the State.

The bond represents a promise to the courts that the physical body of the defendant will appear at every court date, the location/whereabouts of the defendant for extradition purposes (when applicable), or the full-face value of the bond will be paid in full to the courts. This obligation and promise to the courts maintain viable and valid until the court case is concluded or the bond is satisfied by discharge.

The commercial bail system offers ongoing opportunities for the defendant to break the cycle of addiction and help for mental health disorders while limiting the likelihood a defendant will violate their conditions of release and/or thus reduce the chance to commit a new crime. By the defendant addressing the obstacles of continued habitual criminal activity, addiction, and mental health disorders, while also having an affordable means of release, the defendant has the greatest opportunity for breaking the vicious cycle of being in the criminal justice system.

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